New Years Day – what excites you?

New Year

Does anyone else feel it? Like this is going to be an awesome year? I’m usually a fairly level-headed person, but I’m quite excited about this year. There is so much change in the world and I’m wide open. Maybe that’s it – ready; not only to be exposed to new things but dive right in where it feels right. The internet is growing so fast and everything is at our fingertips, just ready to explore. We can learn about anything we ever dreamed about and make those dreams come true. What have been dreaming about?

We should have a day like its New Years Eve and morning like its New Years Day at least monthly. What could we achieve then? Inner reflections, goal setting and revision of previous goals, start a new habit, stop an old one, declutter, forgive, become aware of what you are grateful for and tell your loved ones how much you love them. Imagine your life even a few weeks later, let alone next year.

Plan and do journal

Crack open that new diary, journal or internet blog and get writing. Free writing can open up a few new ideas you didn’t even know you had! (No-one needs to see this so let it flow!) Brainstorm feelings and where they are coming from, hobbies you used to love or want to try, pick a cupboard to tidy. Write it down with a date and time to achieve and then tick that off the list with a celebration.

Be kind

You are an awesome being – just listen to your heart! No matter your physical reality, you are in there and wanting to be listened to. Learn how to hear. Stop any negative thoughts – you wouldn’t treat others you love like that – be kind and gentle with yourself and feel the change happen. Do something today that feeds your soul.

love heart


Remember what feelings you evoked this last year? Do you want to change that (or ramp it up some more)? There is a saying about doing the same things and expecting a different outcome being the definition of insanity which is appropriate right about now. If you want things to change – act differently. Fake it till you make it if needs be. Don’t be shallow here – explore your emotions and let things go that no longer serve you. Are you going to regret giving up those hours of feeling nasty because you held onto something you could have released from your life? I don’t think so.


There is nothing like the feeling of being useful for deep down satisfaction – unlike the shallower feelings that come with receiving. It is especially profound when the giving is anonymous. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Just be on the alert for where you can serve and do it without expectations.



Not everyone gets it. That you are the creator of your life. Some would rather not believe that. You have a choice in each moment to hold onto fear, anger or hurt and live there for as long as you can put energy into it. You also have a choice in that same moment to try to see things differently or from a different angle, or just choose not to react negatively. Let things go by without taking on the angst and see how your life changes. It may not happen overnight but its something to think about right? 

Think about any situation where you flared up and imagine how it could have gone if you let that one go.  Stress will kill you – choosing to relax will help you and those around you to find peace.  Learn what helps you relax and do that as often as you need.  Everyone benifits.  

This is the time of the rocking chair on the porch scenario – that’s you sitting there in your old age. What are you thinking about? Is it really that guy who cut you off in traffic once in 2017? Is it the words said by someone who was hurting at the time and not thinking clearly? Or will it be feelings you got from the great things you did or shared at every opportunity.

rocking chair

There is no such thing as perfection – we are all a work in progress. How do you want to see yourself from the vantage point of that porch? Who is with you? What’s the view like? What aromas can you detect? Feel the temperature of the day or night. Close your eyes and really be there and imagine what you would like to reflect over in your life. That’s where you need to focus your attentions today. Get going… Start today.

Thanks for reading.


About Megan

Hi all,

I’ve been doing full time shift work all my adult life in Nursing and Midwifery. I love my job (obviously having been doing it for over 30 years) but the night shifts are becoming torture for me. Its time for a change and this is it for me.

I have lived mainly in Australia (born in Queensland) but have lived and worked in New Zealand, England and the USA for 10 years of my adult life. I have been a dive master (PADI) on the Queensland coast and Darwin, worked 5 years for the Flying Doctors in the single engine aircraft in South Australia and love driving, reading (both fiction and non-fiction), and have delved into many forms of self development.

I love to serve people and also have a diploma in Bowen Therapy and am currently studying Kahuna Massage, and essential oils. I’m a life long learner and keen to share my research when I find something exiting or helpful.

I look forward to sharing with you all.