How to keep working on your goals


Do you think of your goals each year and think you will remember them as they are important to you? Do you ever get to writing them down? Fleshing them out? Make bit size steps you can easily achieve to feel your progress? We can be full of great intentions but we need to create accountability for ourselves if we want to actually progress in life.

Write them down

Find what works for you. Do you love fancy journals with inspiring covers that will entice you to open them every day? Great pens you love the feel of writing with them? Rather open the lap top or iPad and type or talk into it in a space created privately for you – or post it freely into the world and share your thoughts with anyone interested? Maybe have a white board or chalk board area where you can see it fully and update and change as needed. Guided meditation your thing? Find your medium, find your goals and get to work.

Break it down

Goals that are important to you become who you are. Make them part of your day to day life. See the big picture your goal will create and find all the little ways, actions, and steps you can do that will serve you in achieving them. They should not be huge time-consuming steps.

  • A quick text to someone,
  • throw out that broken stuff you will never need,
  • clean just one shelf,
  • search for an answer online,
  • go to a new cafe/ library/ walking track
  • give an honest compliment to a stranger

you can find a hundred little things to do that will accumulate to fulfill your ultimate goal. Achieve one thing today.

Keep them visible

Post your goals where you can see them.

  • Make it your screensaver on your computer,
  • post it notes on the fridge,
  • make a colorful poster and put it on your wall where you will see it everyday
  • reminders on your bathroom mirror and actually look at it while you clean your teeth
  • journal at your bedside with pen
  • write something on your hand if you have to but keep changing it up so you don’t gloss over it and not even see it anymore


Schedule time daily

If you use a diary – block out a time each day to work on your goals. It doesn’t have to be big or time-consuming here. Just one small step will do. But chose a time – first thing, after work, in your lunch break or change it up and block out a different time each day to work on something you want. You will soon find what works for you.

Not a diary user? Find something you do every day and use that to guide you as to when to work on that goal.

  • Breakfast / lunch / dinner
  • teeth cleaning
  • shower time
  • driving to work
  • before you get out of bed.
  • Before you go to bed
  • before you check your email / mailbox /
  • daily walk time
  • feed the dog? / cat?

you get the idea – pick a time that will work for you and use it to remind you to work on you

Create celebrations for achievement

Each little step taken is an opportunity to reward yourself. Again, it doesn’t have to be a big achievement or reward. Just a mental pat on the back, a virtual self hug, or anything that floats your boat. You may have to work on your list of rewards that you can use so you can celebrate easily without having to add extra work to your day. What makes you smile or lifts up your mood – these are the things you can use. Don’t forget bigger rewards for the bigger successes. Keep it fun. It doesn’t have to cost money. Get your list ready… That could be your first step – choosing a reward!


Whatever your goals are, you chose them for a reason. Its important to you. What would happen if you didn’t achieve them? What would happen if you did?? How would your life change? How will you feel this time next month or year if your goals were well on their way to fulfillment? See that future and own it.


2 thoughts on “How to keep working on your goals

  1. Melissa

    Hi Megan,
    These are all great tips to help keep you focused on your goals. Writing goals down and keeping them visible makes it easier to stay focused and motivate you to keep reaching for results. I try to remember to celebrate my small achievements and don’t wait until the goal is completed. Great info!

    • admin

      Hi Melissa, thanks for your comments. I hope you get to celebrate lots this year. All the best to you and yours

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